What do you need?

In ACHE Azafatas we stand out not only for the work of our team, involving ourselves to the maximum in the selection, hiring, training and monitoring of our staff, but also, we provide an integral management, advising, proposing and executing additional and personalized services as a added value through an ad-hoc proposal, unique and exclusive for each client.

Hostess Service

  • Image Hostesses
  • Protocol Hostesses
  • Bilingual Hostesses
  • Stewardess Transfer
  • Fair Hostesses
  • Congress Hostesses
  • Hostesses Guide
  • Demonstrating Hostesses
  • Promoters


  • Company reception
  • Reception of the presidency
  • Art and cultural reception
  • Hotel reception
  • Reception aesthetic centers
  • Clinics reception
  • Information and Customer Service Posts


  • Campaign and event planning

  • Personnel control and supervision

  • Proposals for real-time solutions

  • Elaboration of reports and improvement proposals

Waiters service

  • Stands
  • Cocktails
  • Coffe breaks

Assembly Service

  • Support for stand assembly
  • Preparing rooms
  • Posters

Auxiliary staff

  • Supports and reinforcements
  • Welcome and restaurant reservations
  • Protocol and Presidency

Valet service

  • Vehicle management at events
  • Support in parking and parking organization

Information and customer service desk

  • Reception and visitor information
  • Room control
  • Wardrobe Management
  • Store-museum management

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