Is a Trade Fair Hostess really useful?

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There are many people who, when attending a trade fair, have doubts over whether to hire a trade fair hostess service. We are not sure whether it is really necessary. Often we see it as just an image. It seems an unnecessary expense. But in truth a hostess can offer a lot at a fair.
First of all there is your company’s image. An impeccable image, with an educated and smiling person, makes the client empathise and want to spend time on our stand; it grabs their attention. First objective accomplished.
Our strategy can differ depending on whether we are focused on clients or the general public. In a more business-type relationship, the hostess acts as a receptionist. She is responsible for filtering visits and directing them to the right people. The client looks for a professional service and appreciates being treated correctly, even though we are at a fair. The hostess makes sure they are well looked after, accompanying them, offering them something to drink or providing them information while they wait for a sales rep.
When the fair opens to the public, everything changes. We want the hostess to capture the attention of as many people as possible and to manage uncomfortable or confrontational situations, if necessary. Normally at fairs, for example at IFEMA, there is such an influx of people that if we don’t know how to manage this well, we can end up offering the opposite image to what we intended. A hostess knows how to capture that attention. She looks for contact with the public, greeting them, approaching them, informing, handing out gifts… a service that gives sales reps time to focus on their main goal: generating business.
Bilingual trade fair hostesses are very necessary at international fairsIFEMA hosts each year around 80 events that occupy a very important position in international trade fair calendars. If we want to offer our services or products abroad, all staff must be bilingual in English or the language in question. A lot of business opportunities may be lost by not being able to provide a service in another language.
As for the stand, it is our showcase and represents us. That is why it must be given the importance it deserves. A trade fair hostess offers a lot in this respect. At the start of the day she will place all the material; during the day she will make sure that everything is in order, replacing anything that has run out; she will also look after the stand when staff go to lunch and make sure it is not left unattended. At the end of the day she will clear everything away so that the cleaning service can work properly and everything is in place for the following day. 
In short, a trade fair hostess collaborates in trade fair objectives. A valued asset that breeds confidence and conveys professionalism.
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