10 reasons why a hostess or host service in a wedding helps it to be a total success

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Hostesses and hosts at weddings is a service that is increasingly being demanded. And no wonder, weddings are events full of details. If you are part of the event, it is nearly impossible to handle all of them.  So delegate in others seems to be the best option.
Nowadays, the services of a wedding planner or an expert are more common. We see how people want to personalize their weddings, make a difference and turn it into an event that touches and surprises everyone. They want their guests to keep an unforgettable memory.
The services of a hostess or a host may be extremely helpful in the smooth operation of an event. Therefore, we find these services more often in important events. There are so many details to look after!
For those who are not sure on what a hostess or host can do to help in a wedding, here are some of the 10 most common duties.
  • Check the buses for the reception. Pick up guests in hotels, make sure there is no one missing and accompany them to the wedding or reception.
  • Parking attendance services: help and management of the parking.
  • Cloakroom services.
  • Help guests know where they sit and assist handicapped and/or elderly ones.
  • General information: bathrooms, transport or help out anywhere else.
  • Direct guests to the different events and at the scheduled time: go to the dining room, go to the dance floor, go out to see fireworks … Efficient use of time is kind of a big deal on a wedding day.
  • Delivery of gifts or souvenirs at the exit.
  • Managing the bus services, taxis or Cabifys in departure.
  • Reception from other providers: redirect the band or DJ, tell them where to prepare,  make sure they have what they need, Etc.
  • Assist with decoration such as table arrangements in the event.
Undoubtedly, a good hostess service is a guarantee of reliability and support. A must in weddings and large celebrations.
And you, have you been to a wedding where there were hostesses or hosts?  What duties did they do? Can you think of what else they can help?

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